EnTec Industrial Services GmbH & Co. KG

„Getting the job done“ is the motto of our operating company which specializes in the day-to-day handling of ambitious projects. Owing to the extensive know-how of our highly trained, dedicated staff, particularly in environmentally sensitive areas, together with our professional plant and equipment, we are very efficient at building businesses and making them operational.


Hydrogentle GmbH

Hydrogen will play a bigger role in the future in realizing the agreed climate goals. At present companies, public instittutions, cities and governements are already implementing ambitious projects worldwide. And there is a clear trend for hydrogen also in Germany. The Hydrogentle GmbH develops projects around green hydrogen which is made from renewable energies. In this company we have bunched our project management competencies and our experience in hydrogen in order to create a CO2-free energy supply together with you.


Offshore Service Gesellschaft mbh

OSG provides all the logistic services required for transporting staff and materials to the right place at the right time – from the quay edge to offshore facilities.

In addition to standard tasks such as cargo runs or crew transfers, we have developed solutions that enhance the efficiency and safety of offshore work while offering significant cost savings.


Ingenion GmbH

Since 2003, our project management service provider has been rendering exceptional planning and implementation services for ambitious commercial and plant construction projects – not only on land, but also offshore and in particularly sensitive environments such as the Wadden Sea or the upstream oil and gas industry.

By optimizing our clients’ in-house processes, especially in multi-project environments, we are able to achieve excellent results time and time again. All this know-how flows into highly professional project development work, from which our clients and indeed our entire business group stand to benefit.



EuroTanking GmbH provides highly efficient stationary storage services and innovative mobile or temporary solutions specifically intended for project business.

The company has extensive experience, particularly in fields that are safety-sensitive owing to the properties of the products stored.



Our COLDPLASMATECH heals wounds with Star Trek Technology.

Cold Plasma has fascinating characteristics – it kills even multiresistent germs and makes sure that wounds are properly cleaned. Moreover it stimulates the healing of tissue so efficiently that even persistent open wounds can be healed. The treatment is very easy to use in the day-to-day work in hospital. In the future it is also planned to make the treatment ready for use at home. COLDPLASMATECH has been awarded several times for this pioneering application.