Jochen Kaufholt

Principal investor and managing director

„I have a passion for entrepreneurship. Finding new solutions through creativity is the epitome of my entrepreneurial spirit, which sets me and my company apart from the competition. I pursue the company’s goals with tenacity and persistence from start to finish.“

Marco Schmidt

Principal investor and managing director

“Ultimately, every idea and every project needs someone to take hold of the reins and implement it! I have learned from experience that concerted, target-orientated action involves immense creativity that can lead to great things.
As an entrepreneur, I take this very seriously. By finding a partner with whom to tackle a project or business, generate sustainability and ultimately achieve something positive for everyone involved, it is possible to create value.”

Twitter: @MarcoSchmidt_HH

Frank Ziehm

Business Analyst

Frank Ziehm is responsible for business analysis at CreoVis GmbH. Before assuming his present role, he worked as a project manager on national and international projects. He studied industrial engineering at the Technical University of Central Hessen (Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen).