CreoVis GmbH is a holding and parent company owned by the entrepreneurs Jochen Kaufholt and Marco Schmidt.
We develop and promote innovative business ideas and promising […]

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As business founders ourselves, we know how it feels to have a great idea but be unable to implement it to lack of funds, management know-how or the right network […]

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added value

Firms in our portfolio benefit from a strong community of companies whose capabilities and experience complement each other. We create added value by pooling […]

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News from our portfolio

CreoVis invests in COLDPLASMATECH

A pioneering application for wound treatment of chronical wounds based on cold Plasma has now been developed. The cold Plasma will be applied to the wound by using a PlasmaPatch. This new procedure can even kill multi-resistant germs and replenishes damaged tissue. Already after a short time of use wound healing begins to start. COLDPLASMATECH has been awarded the Leibnitz Award for Founder (Leibnitz-Gruenderpreis). In the near future clinical studies are going to be conducted and a serial production of the PlasmaPatches is going to be established.

BMBF – Kapital für kaltes Plasma (only in German available)

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News from our projects


Mit dem Konzept eines Offshore Service Hafens reagiert die CreoVis GmbH auf die steigende Notwendigkeit einer kostensparenden Offshore-Logistik. Betreiber und Servicedienstleiter von Offshore-Installationen können so effizient Personal und Material am Bestimmungsort einsetzen. Ein professionelles Management sichert den Material- und Personalfluss von der Kaikante bis zum Bestimmungsort. Auch alle Leistungen auf dem Offshore-Hafen werden von uns übernommen und organisiert. Mit der Ingenion GmbH haben Sie einen erfahrenen Ansprechpartner für die Koordination von Service, Mensch und Material.

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